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Tammie Cooper

About Us

RHOyal Heart Marketing & Consulting LLC

RHOyal Heart Marketing & Consulting is an Orlando-based boutique marketing and consulting firm helping entrepreneurs and charitable program directors nationwide connect with their respective target markets. Founded in 2012, we provide strategy, messaging, and design through marketing touchpoints such as mobile, social media, contact marketing, and email marketing. 

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Tammie Cooper

Our President

As an award-winning marketing professional and small business advisor, Tammie helps small business owners and non-profit managers tell their story and connect with their ideal clients. She is also a licensed financial consultant and certified travel industry specialist. Her diverse background is a great benefit to organizations that want to do business with a specialist who is collaborative, creative and innovative.


Our Services


Making your business memorable and giving it a relatable identity beyond its product or service. 


Engaging your audience with the art of using words and visuals to drive emotions and motivate action.


Conveying the message of your project, event, campaign or product through impactful visuals.


Listening to your needs and evaluating your current marketing efforts to make them better.

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